2 Suited Yukon Solitaire

We've given you some gear to make your journey into the Yukon a little bit easier (you can thank us later for that sleeping bag). The elements are still against you, but Yukon Solitaire.net's Two Suit Yukon Solitaire offers the fun of Four Suit Yukon with a small reprieve in the cold weather.

Just like 4 suit Yukon, build foundations upward in the same suit from Ace to King. Build columns downward with alternating colors. Complete all your foundations and you have survived your trip into the wild Yukon!

So grab your gear, put on your winter coat, and brave the exciting world that is Two Suit Yukon Solitaire.

Online Yukon

  • Solitaire has never been so wild
  • Two suits make the game easier
  • Listen for the howl of the wolf in the night


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